Husqvarna celebra 50 años de victorias en Mundiales

El primer título de Husqvarna fue el Mundial de Motocross de 1959. El Mundial de Motocross de 1.959 fue el primer título mundial que obtuvo Husqvarna, y durante estos cincuenta años ha ido aumentando tanto el número de victorias como su participación en diferentes categorías. Tras el motocross llegó el enduro, y recientemente Husqvarna se ha incorporado al supermotard.


 En 1959 Rolf Tuibbin ganó el primer título Mundial de Motocross para Husqvarna en la categoría de 250cc, y ahora la marca italiana es famosa por todos los títulos que ha ido obteniendo, además de por su expansión en diferentes disciplinas. Empezaron en el Mundial de Motocross, pasaron al Enduro y recientemente han llegado al Mundial de Supermotard, donde gracias a Adrien Chareyre ha obtenido el título en S2.




For 2010 season, Husqvarna has signed again with Adrien who will race with teammate Finnish rider Mauno Hermunen. Runner up for the 2009 World Title by the smallest margin, French rider Antoine Meo in the WEC E1 class. This year, Antoine proved himself to have become a complete Enduro rider, after his debut in 2008, and he will definitely be the reference rider in 2010 Enduro World Championship, which he will campaign again on the TE 250. In the same class, we will find Matti Seistola, ex motocross rider and 2009 WEC Rookie of the Year. Matti will jump off his TE 450 to grab the new TE 250 and will compete side by side with his good friend Antoine to defeat the rivals. Another highly experienced pairing will be formed in the E3 class where French rider Seb Guillaume and Polish rider Bartosz Oblucki, as both will be racing on the WR 300. While Seb, who finished the 2009 season in third place, will do his best to finally win the World Title, Bartosz will first need to learn the new bike and used to racing in the new class. Still in the Enduro category, the young French rider from Team Armée de Terre, Romain Dumontier finished the 2009 season in first place in the Youth Cup on his WR 125, while Italian rider from Team Italia Team Jonathan Manzi didn’t particularly shine in the WEC, but was consistent in the Italian Championship as he placed his WR 125 on the first step of the podium in the 125 Junior class. In the European Championship, again Dumontier conquered the first place in the E1 junior class, while Adrien Metge conquered the podium in the E2/3 class. Leaving the Enduro scene, in the Motocross category Husqvarna claimed second overall in the MX3 World Championship with Alex Salvini, already confirmed for 2010 with the goal to win the title. More recently we saw French rider Christophe Martin taking the third place in the European Supercross Series on the TC 450. Husqvarna engagement in motocross for 2010 will be even bigger, with 2 riders competing in the European MX2 championship and the youngster Roberts Justs, who will race in the 125 European Championship. Not to forget are the commitments of Husqvarna in the Motorally, with the CF Racing Team, who this year have brought to the brand the Italian title, European title and the victory in the Sardinia Raid TT.